Make a simple flasher
This circuit shows how to build a simple flasher that can flash Leds, lamps, motors…
To make this circuit you need:

  • 4 Resistors, two 470-560 ohms and two 2.2K-10K ohms.
  • 2 Capacitors, 47uF (or approach values ).
  • 2 identical Small/power NPN transistors (any type will work), by using hig power transistors we can drive high power bulbs…
  • Battery 3-4 V ( for 5V increase the resistors values).
  • And leds 2.4V or any.
  • A variable resistor of 1K-10K ohms can be used (in place of one 2.2k resistor) to change number of flashes per second ( from 1 to 10 Hz ).
    One led or two can be used